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Revenue Protection

TransUnion Healthcare Revenue Protection™ solutions prevent revenue leakage by helping our customers:

  • Engage patients early
  • Ensure earned revenue gets paid
  • Optimize collections strategies

Featured product offerings

Address your revenue cycle management challenges with our best-in-class solutions:

  • ClearIQ, a web-based patient access platform provides estimates to improve patient experience and point-of-service collections.
  • Revenue Manager, a financial assistance screening solution matches uninsured and underinsured patients to appropriate funding sources such as Medicaid or charity care.
  • eScan, a post-service insurance discovery solution helps find additional coverage missed by standard eligibility services.

These revenue cycle technologies are HFMA peer-reviewed and use TransUnion Healthcare’s comprehensive consumer data assets and analytics.

A new offering for Academic Medical Centers

Revenue Assurance is a technology-enabled service that uncovers complex payment opportunities helping to ensure that “at risk” revenue earned becomes revenue.

Leading health systems and hospitals prevent leakage with TransUnion Healthcare Revenue Protection™ solutions. Contact us to learn more about how you can recover more revenue.

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