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Revenue Recovery

Capture hard-to-reach revenue and maximize healthcare reimbursements

Transform revenue recovery processes to collect more

Insurance Discovery

Find additional payment opportunities from previously missed insurance coverage. Insurance discovery solutions combine patented data matching technology with exceptional customer service to deliver actionable results leading to reimbursement on uncompensated care and underpaid accounts.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Recovery and Denial Management

Drive recovery efforts for insurance claim denials and underpayments. Our Accounts Receivable Recovery and Denial Management solution helps ensure that providers maximize reimbursement from all insurance payers the first time in order to generate more cash from claims.

Medicare Cost Reporting

Reduce administrative costs and time associated with complex, data-intensive Medicare cost report issues. Medicare Cost Reporting solutions — Medicare Bad Debt, Medicare Bad Debt Medicare Advantage, Medicare Disproportionate Share (DSH), Uncompensated Care Analytics and Volume Decrease Adjustment — simplify your reimbursement processes.

Payment Integrity

Optimize revenue recovery by identifying additional payment opportunities. Payment integrity solutions — Transfer DRG, Complex DRG, Shadow Billing (IME/GME) — improve efficiencies and increase reimbursements for underpaid accounts.

Self-Pay Collections

Identify missed coverage and segment remaining self-pay balances based on likelihood of payment and financial assistance eligibility. Our Self-Pay Collections solution combines industry-leading insurance discovery and patient financial clearance methodologies to increase revenue.

Medicaid and Charity Screening

Screen and qualify patients for Medicaid or charity programs to increase reimbursements, reduce bad debt and improve patient satisfaction. Medicaid and Charity screening solutions help determine appropriate funding sources for uninsured and underinsured patients.

TransUnion Healthcare's revenue recovery solutions help boost your bottom line — ensuring your collection efforts become realized revenue.

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"Over a nine-month period reviewed, TransUnion Healthcare found roughly 450 additional Part C claims which will add more than $100,000 to our hospital. They were able to use their automation to get this turned around in three weeks. I would definitely recommend working with them."

Director of Reimbursement, Midwestern Hospital

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