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Minimize the burden on users, yet still maintain confidence while conducting business

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-centric world, the ability to make split-second decisions is imperative. Consumers and citizens don’t want to wait or jump through a variety of hoops to access your products and services. When you put up too many hurdles, they’ll get frustrated or worse, go elsewhere. Yet, also crucial is the need to protect your organization from potential fraud. TransUnion’s identity decisions enable you to effectively discern good users from fraudsters in real time, allowing you to verify and authenticate identities to confidently keep business moving.

Three core components can be used individually or as a holistic system:

  • Identity Verification verifies consumer-provided information against multiple sources of highly predictive consumer and fraud data.
  • Digital Verification assesses the risk of a transaction from initial interaction, whether online or mobile.
  • Authentication deploys one of two authentication modes dynamically, based on the risk of any one transaction.

By bringing together vast data and analytics, and combining insights on consumers, their digital devices, transaction behaviors and known associations, we produce a more comprehensive assessment of risk. And all this is done at point of contact, so you can know sooner rather than later whether to proceed.

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