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Detect behavior that deviates from the norm and may be cause for security concerns

Early recognition of actions indicating an individual may have a heightened likelihood for risky or malicious behavior is critical within corporations, and government or educational organizations at every level. Today, continuous evaluation of individuals with security and other clearances is a must. Trusting predictive analyses built on accurate, timely data holds the key to an effective and reliable insider threat program. Identifying a change in behavior patterns outside normal network activity at the office could be vital in stopping a threat before it becomes a grave reality.

TransUnion Insider Threat solutions can help detect these types of anomalies, allowing you to analyze situations and individuals quickly. Using records,credit history, and other information you’ll receive alerts and triggers noting certain behaviors, which can help you determine whether several unusual actions are happening in concert. This more comprehensive view enables you to take appropriate action faster – hopefully with more effective and safer results.

Triggers for Threat Monitoring

Threat monitoring triggers are specifically designed to identify and alert you of notable changes in behavior.

ID Authentication

The ability to verify identities of individuals can provide real insight for your insider threat programs and help allow you to determine the necessary action to take.

Standard Reports

Employment credit reports contain comprehensive credit history and other information useful in revealing patterns of behavior.

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