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Life Sciences

Understand social and financial risk, improve health equity, and drive better outcomes for patients and consumers.

Driving industry change through comprehensive, real-world socioeconomic data.

Meet growing patient, consumer and industry needs by leveraging data to improve health equity and outcomes. Our solutions serve the following life sciences organizations:

Clinical research organizations (CROs)

Provide equitable participation of clinical trial participants, hit recruitment targets, improve trial retention efforts, and meet FDA clinical trial diversity guidelines by evaluating and understanding participants’ unique socioeconomic needs and risk factors.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Visualize individual and community social risk factors to determine likelihood of medication non-adherence. Engage and intervene with patients in need throughout the drug lifecycle by offering financial assistance.

Retail pharmacies

Understand your patients and consumers more holistically through insights derived from social determinants of health (SDOH) data to enhance outreach and engagement efforts and reduce risk of prescription abandonment. Improve pharmacy site selection by leveraging social risk insights at a sub-neighborhood, sub-zip code level.


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