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Audience Segmentation for Digital Marketing

Reach the right consumers by applying TransUnion data and audiences across digital marketing channels

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LookaLike Audiences for Facebook

Model the audience attributes most valuable to your business to activate Lookalike targeting on Facebook in a transparent and compliant manner.

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Digital and Email Prescreen

Leverage an FCRA-compliant solution to locate and expose targeted individuals with specific offers that complement or extend direct mail efforts.

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Intelligent ITA

Execute more granular targeting via TransUnion’s proprietary household aggregation method — without the constraints of prescreen verification.

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Syndicated and Custom Audiences

Achieve greater scale by deploying segments across key attributes in consumer finance and small business categories, or define your customized segmentation criteria.

consumer profiles covered by TransUnion1

1TransUnion Database, approximated

of lenders said they could better leverage digital means to connect with consumers2

2TransUnion survey of 300+ lenders

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