Patient Access Services for Providers

Get the data, analytics and decisioning tools needed for smarter decisions at point of service—and collect more

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Increase point-of-service collections and reduce patient anxiety about financial obligations with patient access solutions.

Powered by industry-leading data, analytics and revenue cycle technologies, our patient access services and products provide deep insights into patients’ financial behavior, reduce uncompensated care—and create a better, more transparent financial experience for patients. By discussing a patient’s financial situation and payment responsibility based on insurance coverage, the element of surprise is eliminated – as is some of the stress related to healthcare procedures and costs.

TransUnion Patient Access solutions such as ClearIQ and Patient Payment Estimation, offer ways to improve processes for both the provider and the patient. Being able to better understand what to expect up front allows for a stronger focus on the patient’s experience and less time on administrative, manual verifications and assessments.

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