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Get and stay ahead of potential threats with advanced data and analytics from TransUnion

Behavioral indicators from trusted data sources can help identify potential risks before they occur

Executive Order 13587 established the National Insider Threat Task Force, whose goal is the continuous and automated understanding of every potential threat posed to the government. This encompasses not only insider threats, but continuous evaluation of cleared personnel. Monitoring individuals and detecting changes quickly can be vital in identifying a potential threat—before it becomes a grave reality.

Our threat monitoring solutions, comprised of external data designed to provide notification of high-risk behavioral changes, can help better prepare you to address indicators of potential risks before they occur.

Our suite of services enables your organization to select from a variety of options, ensuring optimum data and analytics are delivered to you, in order to take proactive action in managing potential risks.

Triggers for Threat Monitoring

Through triggers, alerts are generated that identify changes to a person’s data over time. These include changes in almost any area, such as accounts, new accounts, inquiries, address and contact information. Threat monitoring triggers are specifically designed to be predictive and indicative of notable behavior changes.

Standard Reports for Threat Monitoring

Comprehensive credit history through employment credit reports can reveal patterns of behavior and allow you to  obtain new information about the individual, including public records and other useful background information.

Identity Verification Service for Threat Monitoring

The ability to verify identities of individuals and detect suspect patterns, links and behaviors, can provide real insight for your insider threat programs and help you determine the necessary action to take.

TLOxp for Threat Monitoring

Our investigative tool filters through billions of public and proprietary records to deliver critical information, including criminal records, property records, driving records, professional affiliations and watch lists, so you can review for deeper investigation.

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Support Center for assistance.

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