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TruContact Spoofed Call Protection

Digitally sign your own calls to prevent call spoofing and spam mis tagging, helping get more calls answered.

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identity proof

Help ensure your enterprise calls are authenticated and verified so customers trust it’s really you calling.

Compliant with STIR/SHAKEN standards

Automate the process so you can digitally sign your own outbound calls.

Inbound call validation

Leverage STIR/SHAKEN caller ID verification as an input to validate legitimacy of inbound calls.

Can be deployed in multiple network environments

Generate a private/public key pair to sign calls to verify outbound calls and validate legitimate, inbound calls.

Near real-time alerts

If a call can’t be verified, the carrier may block the call and/or alert recipient to a potential scam call.

Pioneer in call authentication

Solution was developed by industry experts who co-authored STIR standards.

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Improve Call Answer Rates, Increase Revenue

Sign your own calls so your numbers don’t get spoofed, mistagged as spam or blocked. Learn:

  • Why outbound calls are mistakenly tagged as spam or blocked
  • Why it’s so hard to get an ‘A” in attestation levels
  • How signing your own calls helps reduce mistagging
  • Why STIR/SHAKEN attestation levels matter
  • Steps to sign your own calls

Verify your calls with Spoofed Call Protection