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TruIQ Analytics Studio

Accelerate your model building cycle from several months to weeks with this sophisticated data analytics platform.

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Access TransUnions’s rich datasets and various best-in-class tools to rapidly build, test and validate models

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Product Capabilities

Single source of TransUnion data

Access proprietary data, scores and industry-leading algorithms on demand.

Open environment

Export data and deploy models for use in your own analytic environment with your preferred analytic toolkit.

Expert analytic support

Let our data science and analytics experts give you a guided experience on TransUnion data and software. 


TruIQ Analytics Studio

Learn more about how TruIQ Analytics Studio can speed up your model development lifecycle.

  • On-demand access to TransUnion data
  • Pre-built code templates to jumpstart the model building cycle
  • Import your own models and third-party data
  • Open source analytics tools, including R and Python
  • Notebook-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), including Posit and Jupyter 
  • Export models to deploy in your own environment

Learn more about TruIQ Analytics Studio