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TruValidate Digital Insights

Distinguish legitimate digital interactions from risky ones to reduce fraud risk, false positives and manual reviews.

with Neustar®

identity proof

Determine the risk of anonymous users in real time without requiring personally identifiable information (PII)

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man using tablet
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TruValidate™ Device Risk users reduce digital identity fraud by 20% on average.¹


Thousands of device attribute permutations help identify devices while minimizing false positives.¹


Our device intelligence network recognizes 10 billion unique devices.¹

¹Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

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Verify consumer identity

Expose fraud risks by verifying consumer identities against robust, global datasets.

woman using mobile phone in cafe
woman using mobile phone in cafe

Validate consumers with ease

Provide secure, seamless experiences across call center and digital channels.

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man working on laptop in cafe

Detect potential fraud

Target unique or industry-specific fraud through custom, purpose-built models.

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woman shopping online

Secure trust across channels with TruValidate Digital Insights