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TruValidate Identity Verification

Quickly verify legitimate, consumer-provided information while minimizing the risk of fraud via fabricated, synthetic or stolen identities.

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Welcome new customers with high confidence in their identities and minimal step-up challenges

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Product Capabilities

Robust view of identity risk

Screen applicant information against multiple data sources, including government watch lists, for over 100 actionable messages and attributes.

Real-time fraud alerts

Check applicant data for risk signals via TransUnion’s identity network spanning 1 billion global consumer records and millions of daily transactions.

Contextual alerts for SSN verification

Reduce missed opportunities due to errors in eCBSV-request results via TransUnion’s dataset, post-result analytics and resubmission of corrected data. 

Verify consumer email, phone and IP

Via a single API, access over 65 actionable data attributes and aggregated risk scores based on consumer-provided contact information.

Protect your organization with TruValidate Identity Verification