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TruVision for Predicting Behavior

Improve risk decisions by using models built for specific markets, transactions and consumer populations.

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Understand consumers on a deeper level to make informed decisions that can benefit both the consumer and portfolio

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TruVision Traditional Credit Risk Models

Improve decisioning and profitability with a more accurate assessment of consumer credit risk.

TruVision Trended Credit Risk Models

Increase approvals and bookings while reducing losses with models incorporating 30 months of account history.


TruVision Blended Credit Risk Models

Expand opportunities and serve more consumers with robust datasets leveraging both trended credit and alternative data.

Download the TruVision Blended Data Product Sheet

TruVision Alternative Credit Risk Models

Use short-term lending and other data to gain deeper insights on consumers’ experience and performance.


Increase predictive performance, inclusion and consistency while simplifying credit decisions with an industry-wide reporting policy.

FICO® Scores

The independent score trusted by lenders and investors for more than 30 years provides fair, predictive credit risk assessments across the customer credit lifecycle.

FICO® Resilience Index

Identify and manage latent portfolio credit risk that can emerge during periods of economic stress.

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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TruVision™ Trended Credit Risk lets lenders evaluate 35+ million consumers whose credit profiles would traditionally not generate a score.1


TruVision Blended Credit Risk allows lenders to score up to 95% of the US adult population.1


TransUnion alternative data covers 3 billion data records collected on more than 260+ million US consumers.1

1. Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

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