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Helping Texans Stay in Control of Their Credit Health


Texans - We realize there are many things to worry about as you recover from the recent unprecedented severe weather. TransUnion is committed to helping you protect and manage your credit health and data identity during this stressful time. This page provides resources and guidance to help you stay in control of your credit health while you recover.

Get Your Free Weekly Credit Report

Your credit report tells your unique financial story to anyone who sees it. It’s important to make sure the information that appears is accurate, especially if you’ll be contacting your lenders to discuss your financial situation and accounts. TransUnion is pleased to offer you free weekly credit reports online through April 20, 2022 so you can know where your credit stands.

Add a Consumer Statement to Your Credit Report

Every person has a unique financial story, and a consumer statement is an opportunity to tell yours. You can add this kind of note to your credit report to explain your financial situation to anyone who views your credit report. It is your opportunity to be heard. If you think it’s the right option for you, simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to our online dispute center
  • Create an account or sign in (If you recently added a credit freeze, fraud alert or disputed something, you should already have an account)
  • From the Dispute Center main page, click "START REQUEST"
  • An information box will appear. Read it over and click “AGREE & GET STARTED”
  • Once you see your credit data appear, scroll to the section that says “Consumer Statement”
    • Click “Add Statement”
    • Choose one of the consumer statement options provided, or write your own statement in 100 words or less
    • Add an expiration date for your statement (optional)
    • Click “SAVE & CONTINUE”

If you later decide you want to add to or delete your consumer statement, come back to the online dispute center.

We know many people are feeling anxious about their finances during this challenging time. Reviewing your credit report and adding a consumer statement where applicable are ways you can help stay in control of your credit health during times of uncertainty. In the meantime, TransUnion is here for you.