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Make Every Call Count With Phone Behavior Intelligence

All types of organizations depend on phone calls to reach consumers – but nearly 90% of outbound calls go unanswered. Often, people are too busy to answer, or the contact information is outdated. 

As well, many CRM systems still contain landline numbers that are no longer in use or not the primary contact, since many consumers now have multiple phone numbers. On top of that, regulations are limiting the number of calls that can be made to customers. 

Watch the video to learn how TransUnion TruContact™ Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI), Powered by Neustar®, leverages phone behavior insights to help you:

  • Identify the best phone number for each contact, along with the best day of the week and time to call

  • Prioritize and schedule your outbound call resources for when consumers are available and most likely to answer their phones

  • Increase your ability to reach more right-party contacts by an average of 25% 

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