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Auto Market Intelligence

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Within the auto finance market, new vehicle sales are softening, interest rates are rising, and consumers’ preferences are shifting. More importantly, lenders are facing a rising delinquency environment. With these pressures, auto lenders have a greater need for market dynamics at a deeper level.

TransUnion’s vice president of consulting, Nidhi Verma, as she discusses auto market intelligence, powered by PramaSM.

She will share insights specific to lender segments that serve this market—national banks, regional banks, credit unions, auto captives and auto independent lenders—including:

  • Underwriting: New loans and leases opened, risk distribution shifts, and pricing strategy for new loans financed
  • Credit performance: Measured on a portfolio and vintage basis; the underlying drivers causing a change in performance of loans or credit products for the different lender segments

With the webinar and our market intelligence reports, auto lenders will be able to generate new insights to lead their business through today’s changing environment.

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