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Clean Room Case Studies Brought to Life

Three real case studies of the effective use of data clean rooms

Many in the marketing industry are talking about and exploring data clean rooms, but are they putting them to good use? What really makes clean rooms different, and how are companies taking advantage of it?

Learn about three clients on the buy-side and sell-side that are using data clean room technology to power their data-driven marketing. Topics include how data collaboration enables audience-building, measurement, and ad monetization. Our practitioner-focused webinar will leave you with (among other takeaways):

  • Tactics clean room adopters use to make privacy-first collaboration a reality
  • The three top applications for clean rooms – and which may show the quickest ROI
  • How clean rooms function for building audiences in the privacy-first era
  • How privacy-enhancing technology can nurture more productive, symbiotic data partnerships

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