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Credit Union Market Intelligence

Business Customer Analytics

The members credit unions serve are constantly evolving. Hence, enhanced data and insights about their membership base are crucial ingredients for measuring and managing change effectively.

Join TransUnion’s vice president of consulting, Nidhi Verma, as she discusses credit union market intelligence, powered by PramaSM.

She will share insights specific to credit unions, including:

  • Underwriting: New loans or products opened, risk distribution shifts, and pricing strategy for new loans financed within the major credit products and loans issued by credit unions
  • Account management: Insights about revolving lines of credit, such as line management and utilization
  • Credit performance: Measured on a portfolio and vintage basis; the underlying drivers causing a change in performance of loans or credit products for the credit union market

With the webinar and our market intelligence reports, credit unions can create recommendations for their portfolios. Measuring change is the first critical step to managing it effectively.

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