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Customer Acquisition in a Privacy-Dominant World

Customer Acquisition Strategies Need Adaption as Privacy Changes and Data Deprecation Impact Marketing

Tried-and-true customer signals have become less reliable. 

Stay on top of the latest customer acquisition strategies and tactics with AdWeek’s on-demand webinar Customer Acquisition in a Privacy-Dominant World.

As privacy changes shake up the marketing ecosystem and data deprecation erodes traditional methods of identifying attractive prospects, signals indicating the potential desirability of customers, like browsing and shopping, can no longer be relied upon. Connecting these audiences to media platforms has also become more challenging, and as a result, marketers are adapting their customer acquisition strategies.

Take a deep dive into overcoming these hurdles with SXM Media and TransUnion. You’ll find out:

  • How to create a customer acquisition strategy from durable data that won’t deprecate

  • Ways brands can use insights from their existing customers to inform acquisition

  • Strategies to reach prospects across channels with consistent messages to drive conversion

Learn about durable data and how companies are using it to gain insights into people, households, devices, and audiences. Watch Customer Acquisition in a Privacy-Dominant World.

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