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Data Can Help Prevent Fraud and Bridge Constituents to Vital Services

The full scope of fraud stemming from coronavirus pandemic relief funds has yet to be uncovered. Conservative estimates are at least tens of billions of dollars, but experts say it could exceed $100 billion.1

In this webinar, speakers from the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General and TransUnion explore fraud prevention, mitigation and investigation strategies that can help rebuild constituent trust in government programs and deliver safer omnichannel experiences.

Fraud investigation and prevention trends in the discussion include:

  • Exceeding constituent expectations with safeguarded, friction-right experiences
  • How stolen identifiers are being weaponized to commit increasingly sophisticated fraud 
  • Why data and analytics are a key part of fraud investigations


James Ross

Principal Deputy Inspector General for Investigations, Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General

Greg Schlichter

Director of Research and Consulting, Public Sector, TransUnion

Jory Heckman

Reporter, Federal News Network

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