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See the Data Clean Room Landscape as Forrester Sees It

Get a data clean room overview by Tina Moffett, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Sam Shapiro-Kline, Director of Marketing Solutions at TransUnion. Hear them discuss the clean room landscape as described in Forrester’s new report — The Truth About Data Clean Rooms. The discussion dives into the different types of clean rooms, data clean room use cases, and what marketers should consider as they think about a clean room plan for their tech stack.


  • The top three systemic risk factors driving clean room adoption
  • The foundational elements of the modern data clean room
  • Four primary use cases for clean rooms
  • Forrester’s cost/benefit analysis process for making clean room decisions

No one puts industry issues and tech into a relatable, usable framework better than Forrester. Hear the findings from Forrester’s report straight from its creator by watching Finding Signal in the Noise: The Role of Clean Rooms in a Privacy-Dominant Future.

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