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FinTech Market Intelligence

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Within the personal loan market, new entrants have emerged, market share has shifted towards FinTechs, interest rates are rising, and younger generations are increasing demand for these products. More importantly, lenders are concerned about rising delinquencies. These pressures can surmount to a greater need to understand the market dynamics at a deeper level.

Join TransUnion's director of consulting, Rachael Olson,as she discusses FinTech market intelligence, powered by PramaSM.

She will share insights specific to FinTechs, including:

  • Underwriting: New loans opened, risk distribution shifts, and pricing strategy for new loans financed by FinTechs serving the personal loan market
  • Score migration: Analysis for personal loan borrowers’ credit scores over time, showing opportunities to capture more profitable customers and potential cross-sell opportunities
  • Credit performance: Measured on a portfolio and vintage basis; the underlying drivers causing a change in performance of loans or credit products

With the webinar and our market intelligence reports, FinTechs generate new insights to lead their businesses through today’s changing environment.

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