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Five Practices to Supercharge Your Call Center Operations

Stressed callers are twice as likely to have “difficult interactions” with call center agents, which degrade customer relationships and contribute to churn. Frequently, difficult interactions begin with inefficient authentication experiences, such as interrogating callers with challenge questions. Customer satisfaction suffers when callers must prove their trustworthiness before receiving service.

Financial institutions need more efficient ways to authenticate inbound callers. Completing a pre-answer trust assessment before callers hear "hello" enables contact centers to enhance and protect the customer experience with greater speed and security than strategies that require caller engagement. This allows contact centers to provide quick and efficient service to safe callers while focusing fraud-fighting resources on the small minority of risky calls.

Watch the BAI-hosted on-demand webinar — Five Practices to Supercharge Your Call Center Operations — to learn how to:

  • Align with the forces shaping customer expectations for both smooth interactions with brands and secure protection from fraud
  • Avoid the widespread inbound caller authentication practices that degrade customer experience and undermine security
  • Serve legitimate callers faster while blocking out fraudsters via device-based authentication