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Getting a Unified View of the Consumer When You Don’t Own All Touchpoints

Today more than ever, marketers must use data to drive business decisions. By connecting numerous data streams, brand marketers are reaching unprecedented success through a unified view of their consumer. This unified view helps marketers understand consumers and drive significant improvements in reach — especially when linked to a source of truth for identity. However, CPG companies face challenges connecting with consumers and accessing data because their distribution partners often own the relationship and transaction.

Together, we’ll look at several methods of breaking through barriers to consumer relationships, and walk through engaging use cases from some of the industry’s most prominent and influential manufacturers. Check out this webinar to successfully learn how to:

  • Align your current consumer identity strategies to results
  • Solve common challenges and strategize how to best avoid future pain points
  • Identify opportunities: new markets, regions, locations, products, unknown prospects
  • Manage your overall data strategy efficiently

Speaker: Mike Mentzel, Director of Product Management at TransUnion

Mike Mentzel is the Director of Product Management at TransUnion where he oversees Identity Resolution and Enrichment solutions. He's worked in the consumer identity space for over 11 years, helping organizations across industries solve identity-related problems ranging from CRM hygiene to credit card application fraud.

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