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How to Effectively Connect with Today's Finance Consumer

Adapting to changing consumer behaviors and the evolving data and technology landscape is challenging for brands across regulated industries — and preventing marketers from effectively reaching, connecting with, and converting today’s finance shoppers.

This at a time when Gen Z consumers are poised to spend more, expand their credit, and discover new financial services products and offers via digital channels.

Without the right processes and systems in place, lenders and aggregators risk being unable to deploy high-impact offers at scale and delivering poor consumer and financial outcomes.  

Join this expert discussion for insights on:

  • What financial institutions need to do to adapt their credit marketing strategies for maximum results 
  • Data and technology investments financial services brands should consider 
  • How to target consumers more effectively with the right experiences and messaging by knowing who they are and how to best reach them across the entire ecosystem 
  • Predictions for the future

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