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How to Reduce Customer Friction During Holiday Season and Beyond


Although the holiday season is behind us, there is no more critical time for merchants to get their fraud prevention right. But how do you reduce customer friction in a world where everything you offer to lure shoppers in—mobile-ready stores, loyalty point schemes, and promotions—is ideal for fraudsters?

Avoiding undue friction in anonymous purchasing environments presents a unique challenge. But it can be overcome. The key? Evaluate digital risk signals related to device reputation and device-to-identity linkages while assessing user behavior for indicators of fraud.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Get data on suspected digital fraud between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday 2023
  • Learn customers’ self-reported security expectations of retailers
  • Understand why account takeover and loyalty fraud are still rising, and its impact on merchants
  • Gain insight into how to both prevent fraud AND minimize friction for good customers

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