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Learn How Marketing Attribution Is Evolving for the New Privacy-Centric Reality

Most marketers today are well aware that the industry has become increasingly complicated in the face of data deprecation. And with these changes, modern marketing measurement and attribution has had to innovate amid this disruption.

But what exactly are cohorts and data clean rooms and how do they play a role in the future of marketing analytics? Watch our webinar, A More Private Future for Marketing Analytics, as we dive into these new methods and demonstrate how attribution is evolving to incorporate these new privacy-preserving technologies.

First presented at the MMA MATT Unplugged 2022 marketing attribution workshop, the webinar will describe:

  • How MMM and MTA complement each other for gaining consumer level insights
  • The four primary challenges to attribution for 2023 and how to take them on
  • The role of cohorts in enabling privatized measurement

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