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A New Imperative: Global Privacy and Data Strategies

Business Fraud and Identity Management
Image of A New Imperative: Global Privacy and Data Strategies

As consumer behaviors shift, how are multinational organizations approaching identity proofing on a global level?

In this webinar, data and identity expert Bianca Lopes explores the current global challenges of keeping up with privacy laws by country, particularly when it comes to maximizing the user experience without losing sight of compliance and security. She also addresses the continued impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on businesses and governments, and consumers.

Register now to explore these related topics with Bianca, including:

  • A global analysis of privacy, data breaches and identity systems
  • How multinational organizations make sense of identity across countries
  • How to turn data into a cohesive winning strategy
  • Examples of strategies belonging to major companies around the globe: what they’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong

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Bianca Lopes, Identity and Data Author and Speaker at Talle
Matt Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at TransUnion

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