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Why You Can't Reach Your Customers

While its critical enterprises communicate with customers in a timely and effective way, that can be difficult with consumers using multiple channels, constantly changing contact information, and not updating primary contact points with their service account organizations. Enterprises wind up calling inactive phone numbers or sending emails to blocked or unused accounts.

Recently, TransUnion conducted a survey of US consumers to determine how frequently they change their contact information — including mobile phones, email and physical addresses — to assess the impact on customer communications. We found 45% of consumers haven’t deleted their inactive email accounts, and 64% of those haven’t logged in to check those accounts within the past year. That means many customers aren’t being reaching at all or are having poor experiences.

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear customer contact intelligence experts provide an overview of the research results across channels and explore solutions organizations can implement to better overcome these barriers. 


  •  Insights on how this issue is affecting account management communications
  • Strategies and technologies to improve contactability and mitigate compliance risk
  • Examples from your peers on new communication strategies that have yielded significantly improved right-party contact rates and customer experiences 

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