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Accelerate Consumer Insights and Privacy with Data Clean Rooms

Marketers face the hurdles of data deprecation in multiple ways: new privacy regulations, cookie & ad identifier restrictions, and increased consumer privacy expectations. To better understand how Clean Rooms fit in to solve for these needs, TransUnion commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey more than 300 leaders to hear how they think about the future of data collaboration in the face of the current obstacles.

This January 2023 study, "Accelerate Consumer Insights And Privacy with Data Clean Rooms: How Clean Rooms Set Firms Up For Success In The Face Of Data Deprecation" provides a data-driven analysis of how marketers want to use clean rooms and their challenges adopting them.

Learn through this guide:

  • How data clean rooms can help improve customer data access, ad targeting, marketing measurement, and customer trust
  • Marketers’ top priorities for adopting clean room technologies
  • Some of the most common challenges to adopt data modernization strategies

You can also download the "Marketers Need Better Data Privacy And Insights" infographic to learn more about how clean rooms help you meet your challenges.

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