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Customer Trust – 2022 CCW Special Report

Today’s brands achieve a competitive advantage by connecting with, not merely serving, customers.

When customers can rely upon a brand to deliver friction-right, effective experiences, demonstrate a high degree of personalization, and protect their accounts and data, they develop trust for that brand. That trust cultivates lasting loyalty and advocacy. It cultivates the kind of relationship that can hold up as minor preferences change, and even as new competitors enter the market.

By harnessing the power of pre-answer inbound authentication, companies and their teams can meet these crucial tenets of trust. Increasing the viability of IVR support and minimizing (if not eliminating) the upfront KBA process greatly reduces handle time and effort, meeting the demand for high-quality, low-hassle experiences. Providing agents with the confidence to leverage personal data and the focus to engage in real conversations meets the demand for highly personalized experiences. 

Download this report to learn how more accurately assessing call risk allows companies to better target their fraud prevention efforts, meeting the demand for highly effective data protection.

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