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The Insider’s Guide to IPv6 and IP Decisioning Data

What the latest protocol means for IP decisioning data, your industry and your network

IP decisioning data provides important insights into website or network visitors as they connect – whether registered or not – based on the IP addresses of their devices. Increasingly, those addresses use the IPv6 specification – and if your business relies on IP decisioning data, it’s important to understand the implications of this new protocol.

This white paper presents the insights and information you need to better understand the impacts of IPv6 on IP decisioning data, and your industry and enterprise:

  • The many ways businesses gain value from IP decisioning data
  • Insights into how quickly IPv6 is replacing IPv4
  • How IPv6 addresses differ from IPv4, and what it means
  • How IPv6 impacts IP decisioning data
  • How IPv6 will impact key industries – and your enterprise
  • Why the choice of provider for IP decisioning data is particularly critical now

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