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Debunking the Short and Long-Term Myth of Marketing

What if you could improve your media reach, boost customer acquisitions, and accelerate conversions — all while driving incredible savings for the business? That’s the power of successfully connecting with your company’s Movable Middles.

Years of research from TransUnion and MMA Global have found that this unique category of consumers — audiences who are neither loyal to your brand or your competition — have a higher likelihood to be persuaded by advertising and are more likely to purchase from your company at the next opportunity.

When Ally Bank teamed up with TransUnion, leveraging our identity-driven marketing and measurement solutions to target the brand’s Movable Middles, it managed to achieve:

  •  2.6x more bank account openings
  •  2.4x growth in customer acquisitions
  •  2x return on ad spend
  •  50% savings compared to other targeting methods

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