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Moving From Analytics to Action

5 Steps to Industry-Defining CX Through Analytics

A recent IDC survey revealed that while 87% of companies think their customer experience (CX) is at least very good, only 41% of their customers share this view. Why the enormous gap between these collective viewpoints?

Moving From Analytics to Action,” the latest eBook from our Brave New Worlds franchise, reveals how to take customer centricity beyond mere lip service - and truly differentiate your company by providing a superior customer experience. Inspired by the Brave New Worlds panel discussion “Serious Decisions: Making Analytics Actionable,” the eBook drives home, in a five-step process, how actionable marketing analytics underpin successful customer centricity strategies, and provides recommendations for how to effectively deploy analytics methodologies within your own company.

Learn how to:

  • Make customer centricity a working philosophy in your organization
  • Align marketing metrics to your business outcomes
  • Embed analytics into your organization to elevate customer-focused processes
  • Invest in the right data and analytics for your goals

Download “Moving From Analytics to Action” today - and make your company the CX leader in your market.

“Embracing a more consumer-centric culture has been enabled by bringing together the richness of a holistic marketing data strategy along with analytics.”

- Eddie Drake, Senior Vice President, Marketing Data Strategy & Analytics, Bank of America

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