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Outsmarting CPM Inflation: An In-Depth Report

CPM inflation is a pressing concern for digital marketers, reflecting the growing cost of digital advertising, and how it has become more expensive to reach customers online. And while ad prices are soaring, precisely targeting ads is becoming more difficult due to a combination of factors, including increased competition, an increasingly limited ability to track consumers, changes in privacy laws, and consumer advertising indifference.

With a comprehensive consumer data strategy backed by identity resolution and audience segmentation, you can take steps to make your digital ad spend more effective in the face of escalating prices.

This whitepaper covers the top factors contributing to CPM inflation and how you can counter it with data and targeting. Download this report and learn how to:

  • Deploy a four-step process for turning CPM inflation into a competitive advantage for your organization
  • Implement key aspects of this process to put the customer at the heart of your marketing
  • Use identity and personalization to help drive your marketing and analytics initiatives

Read "Outsmarting CPM Inflation: An In-Depth Report" today

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