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Rebuilding Trust in Calls

Survey Reveals Financial Impact of Negative Call Experiences

While many enterprises, government agencies and consumers depend on legitimate, automated outbound calls for critical communications, a significant percentage of these calls are mistakenly being blocked or mislabeled as spam in the process.

As a result, customers don’t answer the phone ― leading to missed appointments, lost revenue and critical information not getting through.

In the Omdia whitepaper, Rebuilding Trust in Calls, 2021, the global research company provides its findings from a recent survey of 100 leading U.S. companies and government agencies that make large volumes of automated outbound calls.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What are legislators, regulators, service providers, and suppliers doing to tackle the problem?
  • How can STIR/SHAKEN and other systems that help stop robocalls also inadvertently block or mislabel legitimate calls?
  • What impacts are negative call experiences having on enterprises?
  • How you can help improve the customer call experience, increase answer rates, and reverse revenue loss?

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