Texas Sales Tax Questionnaire

Texas Regulation §3.343 states that Texas sales tax is due and must be collected on the charge for credit reporting services when:(a) the address of the credit applicant (the subject of the credit report) at the time or the request for a report is located in Texas and (b) the person requesting the credit report is located on or is doing business in Texas

Thank you for completing the Texas Sales Tax Questionnaire. We have received your questionnaire submission. The information provided will be used to determine whether or not a Texas sales tax-exemption certificate is required for your organization to avoid Texas sales tax charges for the state of Texas.

Please be advised that in order to ensure compliance with Texas sales tax laws surrounding “doing business in Texas” (reference Sec. 151.107. RETAILER ENGAGED IN BUSINESS IN THIS STATE of TITLE 2. STATE TAXATION CHAPTER 151. LIMITED SALES, EXCISE, AND USE TAX for the state of Texas), TransUnion will periodically request a Texas certificate, as your organizational operations may change over time.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the TransUnion Service Desk at 800-813-5604 and reference “Texas Sales Tax Questionnaire”.

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