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Financial Inclusion for Businesses

As a company making trust possible in global commerce, we’re committed to expanding economic opportunity through financial inclusion.

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Advancing opportunity for underserved consumers while creating new source of growth

Over a billion adults in the world lack access to the basic financial services needed to improve the quality of their lives. Businesses play a key role in providing equitable product offerings for these underserved consumers looking to build long-term resiliency and prosperity, and at the same time, create new sources of growth. Delivering purposeful, profitable outcomes requires a financial inclusion strategy around three essential core competencies: Empower, Engage and Evaluate.



Earn positive business returns from investing in the financial health of underserved families. Experience better performance and greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and cross-sell opportunities with this consumer segment.


Use non-credit data to enrich the consumer experience for underserved consumers segments. For example, alternative data assets can enable efficient use of tailored marketing opportunities and automated digital identity verification.


Leverage data and technology innovation as a competitive advantage to successfully and equitably underwrite and price more products that perform well with underserved consumers.


Meet financial inclusion objectives with smarter risk profiling

Overcome limited credit histories to extend opportunities to unbanked and underbanked consumers including credit unserved, credit underserved and new-to-credit.

  • Create custom audiences to deliver tailored marketing messages to build trust and and brand awareness

  • Provide an inclusive digital consumer onboarding experience

  • Build brand loyalty through executing intentional retention and cross-sell strategies

  • Use inclusive alternative data assets and advanced model development capabilities to more holistically evaluate more underserved consumers

  • Develop and manage risk scores with a responsible, inclusive and transparent methodology

  • Maintain a balance of risk and and cross-sell opportunities to manage and grow new relationships

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"The predictive power of VantageScore and new insights from TruVision Blended Credit Risk Models will lead to more auto approvals."

- David Brydun, SVP Lending