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Now with Neustar fraud solutions


Engage consumers with confidence — both digitally and with the phone.

TruValidate™ orchestrates identity, device and behavioral insights to help organizations interact with legitimate consumers while mitigating fraud risk.

Watch this video to learn more about TruValidate™.

TruValidate solution categories

Verify consumer identity

Expose fraud risks by verifying consumer identities against robust, global datasets.

woman using mobile phone in cafe
woman using mobile phone in cafe

Assess risk of anonymous users

Improve customer conversion and understand the risk of fraud in anonymous digital interactions.

online shopping on phone
online shopping on phone

Validate consumers with ease

Provide secure, seamless experiences across call center and digital channels.

man working on laptop in cafe
man working on laptop in cafe

Detect potential fraud

Target unique or industry-specific fraud through custom, purpose-built models.

woman shopping online
woman shopping online


Secure trust across channels

TruValidate™ orchestrates proprietary identity, device and behavior data to facilitate trust between organizations and consumers.

  • Verify consumer identities with robust data
  • Assess risk via advanced device intelligence
  • Uncover and track hidden fraud patterns
  • Provide secure, seamless customer experiences

Watch video to learn more about TruValidate.


Secure the customer journey

Combat increasingly sophisticated identity fraud

Make informed decisions based on millions of confirmed fraudulent actions, and insight into fraudster activities, locations and devices.

Deliver seamless consumer experiences

Speed up interactions and transactions for legitimate consumers with a multifaceted view of identity, device and behavior.

woman using a smartphone

Secure trust across channels with TruValidate