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Make better, data-driven decisions faster with advanced analytics consulting services and enabling technologies.


Leverage rich datasets, world-class analysts and powerful intelligence tools to uncover actionable insights

In collaboration with your team, TruIQ delivers explainable, custom analytics more quickly — using both commercial and proprietary artificial intelligence and methodologies.

TruIQ solution categories

Predictive models and insights

Work with our experienced, global data science team to meet your specific business challenges through custom analytic methods.

business woman using laptop
business woman using laptop

Tap new insights faster

Drive better decisions with powerful, configurable analytics tools that easily work with your own data to meet your specific needs.

business man using tablet
business man using tablet


Address complex, competitive challenges

Improve performance with advanced analytics tools, emerging technologies, and proprietary data assets and algorithms.

  • Export data into your environment on demand
  • Deploy models in your preferred decisioning platform
  • Leverage deep industry data science expertise
  • Fit the right solution to your unique business challenges


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Quickly extract new insights using TransUnion’s latest analysis techniques.

  • Access to dozens of data scientists 
  • Rich and diverse data assets
  • Versatile and nimble technology infrastructure 
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Emerging machine learning methods


Harness your data’s potential

Optimize model performance

TruIQ analytic consulting and technologies improve performance where it’s needed the most, from fraud detection and recovery rates to marketing and customer loyalty.

Adjust quickly to shifts in the market

TruIQ consulting and technologies provide timely custom insights, helping businesses gain competitive advantages and stay ahead of industry trends.

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Make better decisions with TruIQ