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More precisely balance risk and opportunity with risk management products that identify and manage best-fit customers across the account lifecycle.


Make better risk decisions and gain a clearer, multidimensional picture of the consumer or organization

Leverage unique data assets to assess the risk associated with providing products or services, and detect early signs of collection/default risk.

TruVision solution categories

Improve risk decisions

Understand and manage risks associated with extending credit and reduce the probability of default. Help expand approvals and improve pricing accuracy.

woman using credit card online
woman using credit card online

Enhance pricing strategies

Mitigate risks associated with underwriting insurance through richer insights that help with pricing sophistication. Optimize coverage, price and expenses for improved loss ratios.

man using tablet in office
man using tablet in office

Assess employee risks

Assess upfront and ongoing employee risks to ensure quality hires and help reduce the likelihood employees will engage in adverse actions.

woman using laptop
woman using laptop

Improve decision making

Identify the best tenants for rental vacancies. Reduce the risk of costly evictions.

young couple unpacking
young couple unpacking


Risk assessment powering financial opportunity

TruVision™ helps boost your performance by harnessing powerful credit (traditional and trended), alternative, public records and proprietary data.

  • Acquire customers who meet risk tolerances
  • Improve risk-based lending and underwriting decisions
  • Use risk-based decisions for employees and tenants
  • Manage customer portfolios 
  • Identify opportunities to help customers avoid default
  • Improve recovery by assessing ability to pay
  • Meet compliance to expand opportunities for underserved consumers


Make smarter risk decisions

Identify and target qualified prospects

Gain deep insights into consumer behavior and credit history to make more efficient and reliable decisions.

Improve new customer risk decisions

Use a clearer picture of consumers to provide financial opportunities while balancing risk and profitability at application, pricing, underwriting and origination.

Manage customer risk and reward

Anticipate underlying changes in customer behavior to manage portfolio risk while identifying opportunities to deepen customer relationships and improve retention.

Improve recovery and claims performance

Prioritize collection efforts based on actionable insight into customers’ ability to pay. Evaluate claims quickly with insight into customers’ previous histories.

woman working in home office

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