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Our solution enablement platform for managing, governing, analyzing and delivering data and insights.

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OneTru gives our customers a Tru™ picture of consumers — faster — by enabling:

How it works

OneTru consists of four key layers, each playing a critical role in driving innovation for TransUnion’s solutions. 


Data Management Layer

Enables rapid and permissible access to TransUnion’s stores of public, proprietary, online, offline, credit and noncredit data.

Analytics Layer

Combines human intelligence, AI and machine learning to generate actionable insights.

Identity Layer

Matches online, offline, personal and digital identity fragments to a person or entity with speed and precision.

Delivery Layer

Leverages common data governance framework and permission-based access controls to help ensure legal compliance.

OneTru Solution Enablement Platform Diagram

OneTru is the manifestation of an extensive technology transformation taking place at TransUnion. 

Learn more about the OneTru solution enablement platform.