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At TransUnion, sustainability is integral to our belief in Information for Good®

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Sustainability Reporting Evolution

TransUnion's 2020 Sustainability Report represents a strategic shift in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. Our transparent, data-driven approach is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) frameworks.

Our Sustainability Program

At TransUnion, we empower people, businesses and economies around the world through our commitment to integrating sustainability into our business and culture. By measuring, managing and disclosing the global impact of our efforts, we create work that benefits society and produces healthy systems that empower long-term growth.

Security, Governance and Compliance:

TransUnion maintains robust security, compliance and governance programs that uphold the global, evolving legal and regulatory requirements of our industry, as well as our own high standards. In particular, we focus on protecting the privacy, integrity and sensitivity of information under our stewardship.

People, Social Innovation and Communities:

We value our people and communities and work diligently to provide expanded opportunities in and outside the workplace. TransUnion provides a welcoming, diverse, inclusive and growth-oriented work environment that enables all our people to reach their full potential. Through our products and philanthropic contributions, we also strive to expand just and equitable economic inclusion of all communities, providing the foundation for enhanced quality of life.

Climate Change and Environmental Footprint:

Responsible stewardship of our data centers and office spaces are key elements of our focus to reduce our environmental footprint and resource use. These efforts lower our operational costs and climate change impacts.

Hilary Chidi, Sustainability Officer

From our Sustainability Office

"2020 changed the sustainability paradigm for many companies. At TransUnion, the global pandemic fortified our fundamental beliefs in sustainable practices, exemplary governance and rigorous stakeholder engagement. Our approach to sustainability means more than simply being responsible. It is about us consistently and proactively taking actions that drive positive outcomes for our stakeholders."

Hilary Chidi, Chief Sustainability Officer

Our Commitments

Our sustainability strategy continues to evolve, but we’re making an impact through our commitments to advancing underrepresented people. We’re focused on achieving:

Global gender parity in Vice President positions and above by 2030

Year-over-year increase in underrepresented groups in management and above (US)