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Driving Excellence: Notable TruLookup Improvements in 2023

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We recognize information plays a paramount role in this data-driven era, and our 2023 updates reflect our commitment to keeping pace. We’ve fine-tuned and expanded our data capabilities, providing a richer, more insightful experience for our customers. These updates are strategically designed to optimize your outcomes and drive tangible results. As we navigate ever-evolving landscapes, our pledge to satisfy the changing needs of our customer remains unwavering.

Here’s a look into the transformative updates that shaped our journey in 2023:

  • TruLookup rebrand: TransUnion announced a rebrand of its business solutions which included the creation of our solution brand, TruLookup™. These investigative products deliver actionable information to help organizations conduct faster due diligence or issue resolution. Learn more.
  • Vehicle registration updates: In August, we enhanced our coverage of vehicle registration data, where available, by state and/or use case, including additional data availability for users of DPPA 9.
  • Motor vehicle report (MVR): TLOxp® users got access to MVRs — which allows them to evaluate an individual’s driving history to perform investigations, manage claims and detect fraud. Learn more.
  • Deceased data enhancements: Newly enhanced deceased data enables users to identify deceased individuals more accurately and receive a deceased date. Using a combination of low-latency data sources and our proprietary matching algorithms, our solution is designed to minimize the return of  false positive results and yield reliable matches.
  • Data quality updates: Significant updates were made to our data to corroborate the most accurate and up-to-date data is provided to our customers, including removing over 150 million "bad" identities from our environment.

As always, TransUnion remains committed to providing you meaningful insights at a great value. To learn more about TruLookup, call 800-856-5599 or visit

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