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Enhancing Casino Security with TruLookup for Fraud Investigations and Skip Tracing

Casinos face numerous challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of their operations — from identifying potential fraudsters to locating individuals with outstanding debts. These pressing issues make having the right investigative toolkit a key factor in the fight against fraud.

Fraud investigations made easy

TransUnion TruLookupTM utilizes breakthrough database filtering technologies that leverage data fusion and advanced linking technology. By accessing over 10,000 public data sources and leveraging more than 100 billion TransUnion records, TruLookup helps casinos complete investigations faster and with a higher degree of confidence.

Enhanced due diligence
Onboarding and conducting due diligence can be done confidently and seamlessly. TruLookup streamlines the process, allowing casinos to reliably verify patron identities.

Reduce manual reviews
TruLookup drives greater operational efficiencies by reducing manual review times. This helps casinos optimize their resources while still ensuring thorough investigations, fraud detection and regulatory compliance.

Flexible data inputs
Even with minimal information, such as partial addresses or phone numbers, TruLookup narrows down the search to pinpoint the most viable leads. This enables investigators to uncover critical guest insights and track down individuals more efficiently.

Support for AML workflows
High-stakes patrons can be subject to enhanced verification checks to assess anti-money laundering (AML) risks. TruLookup facilitates these checks, providing the necessary information to identify potential money laundering activities and mitigate associated risks.

Configurable search parameters and results

TruLookup offers greater control over investigations by allowing investigators to define search criteria, set user access parameters, and create custom reports tailored to their specific needs.


Streamlining skip tracing efforts

For casinos, skip tracing largely consists of locating individuals suspected to have left the casino premises with outstanding debts or damages. Let's explore how TruLookup supports skip tracing efforts:

Deeper location insights
Skip tracing data coupled with identity insights enhances investigations by enabling casinos to quickly locate and contact potential perpetrators. TruLookup leverages data fusion and advanced linking technology to provide actionable location and identity information.

Patron monitoring and risk assessment
To protect their reputations and mitigate risks, casinos need to monitor patrons and conduct risk assessments. TruLookup offers actionable, up-to-date patron information, including their last known addresses and criminal histories. This data can empower casinos to make informed decisions during risk assessments.

Background checks for enhanced due diligence
Money laundering is a significant concern for casinos. TruLookup facilitates enhanced due diligence by providing insights into patrons’ backgrounds, including criminal histories, known associates, social media presences and ties to high-risk geographies.

TruLookup streamlines the investigative process and offers flexible delivery options. Whether through the web-based application TLOxp®, batch processing or API integration, data can be accessed and delivered in a manner that suits the specific needs and workflows of the casino.

The power of TruLookup lies in its proprietary linking technology which connects disparate data points in seconds. By entering even the smallest piece of information, investigators can initiate searches that yield actionable results. With over 30 million queries processed per day and 11 billion queries per year, TruLookup is a fast and reliable investigative solution.

The breadth of information available in a search is extensive — ranging from names, addresses and phone numbers to social media profiles, employment histories, criminal records, bankruptcies and even vehicle details. This allows investigators to gain a 360-degree view of their search subjects and make well-informed decisions.

In the realm of skip tracing, TruLookup plays a vital role in locating individuals who have left the casino with outstanding debts or caused damages. By utilizing skip tracing data, casinos can track down these individuals more efficiently and initiate contact for further investigation. This capability is particularly crucial when dealing with potential money laundering and fraud cases.

Whether it's investigating or monitoring suspicious patrons or conducting background checks or enhanced due diligence, TruLookup can support casino security operations and protect against fraudulent activities.

Casinos: locate and investigate patrons with ease

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