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Organization eliminates lengthy account investigations and improves efficiencies with TLOxp

Client Background

A $1B organization in the Midwest wanted to detect fraudulent activity more precisely and efficiently, while in the midst of a merger with another organization.


As fraud is growing and changing, a large Midwest company needed to detect and identify fraud quickly. The company reached out to TransUnion, in hopes of finding a fraud and member identifcation tool that would work crossfunctionally across a number of departments. As part of the evaluation process, TransUnion’s solution was compared side-by-side with legacy systems already in place at both of the merging institutions.


After understanding the organization's problem, TransUnion recommended TLOxp®, a solution that filters through a massive repository of public and proprietary data at near real time. TLOxp was used for member identification and fraud detection across the institution.

The company piloted TLOxp in six different departments for assistance in multiple fraud prevention purposes: 

  • Fraud: Resolve conflicts between member story and information on file
  • Collections: Prevent skips and locate individuals 
  • New Account: Confirm member identification and resolve information discrepancies
  • Inbound Sales: Conduct quick investigations with a simple tool
  • Service Centers: Identify members


The result of the pilot was universally positive. After the initial test, the employees agreed that TLOxp had a user-friendly interface, which allowed quick and comprehensive account investigation and verification. As a result, TLOxp became the “system of record” for the organization.

"The free trial to compare TLOxp side-by-side to our existing systems was great,” said Mary, Vice President of Strategy and Risk Management at the credit union. “TLOxp was unanimously chosen by our organization. We can get so much information and timely data in just a few seconds, and in an easy-to-use format and user interface.”

Now fully implemented, the organization has used the tool to catch fraudsters, who often act in groups. It also helps employees better understand and identify their members and prospective members. By returning actionable information in seconds, TLOxp helps eliminate lengthy account investigations when information inaccuracies appear in other systems. As a result, the company has improved efficiency across the organization.

We can get so much information and timely data in just a few seconds, and in an easy-to-use format and user interface.

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