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The AA Insurance Prosecutes a Ghost Broking Fraud Ring

Image for the case study titled The AA Insurance Prosecutes a Ghost Broking Fraud Ring


Fraudsters used careful organization and processes to hide from conventional detection and investigation techniques, stretching AA Insurance anti-fraud resources.


TruValidate's device intelligence, combined with collaborative insight from our Community resources, helped AA Insurance identify the ghost broking scheme and build a case for prosecution.


TruValidate’s sophisticated device intelligence proved instrumental in the arrest and prosecution of a five member ghost broking ring. Three pled guilty, while a fourth was sentenced for four counts of fraud.

"[TruValidate’s] device intelligence solution and Community resources give us a remarkable opportunity to discuss fraud rings and how to combat them. We can have these discussions in the Community while honoring compliance regulations and our respective companies’ policies.”

– Stephanie Driscoll, Fraud Operations Manager

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