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Virginia Department of Health Improves Low Answer Rates

TruContact Branded Call Display (BCD) helps get vital calls answered

Government public services rely on efficient outreach capabilities to protect and maintain the well-being of consumers, especially during times of crisis.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) had to reach approximately 4,000 case-patients and close contacts via calls daily. But Virginians weren’t answering these important investigation calls at a high enough rate. After implementing TruContact™ Branded Call Display (BCD), the VDH saw an almost immediate answer rate lift of 105%.

Watch the video to hear directly from VDH Senior Epidemiologist Seth Levine on the direct impact BCD had on its call answer rates.

“The phone is a vital communications channel to convey information to the public about health and safety,” explains Seth Levine, Senior Epidemiologist at the VDH, who co-leads their COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. “There’s a robocalling, call spoofing and scam epidemic within the global pandemic. If we can’t reach citizens, we can’t achieve our mission.”

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