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esure Cuts Call Center Fraud by 40% with Device Intelligence

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Fraudsters were unable to beat the beat the IDVision with iovation fraud controls on, so they launched an omnichannel attack. Between the use of stolen PII and the absence of device recognition, fraud began coming through the call center instead.


esure changed its e-fulfillment policy to include device recognition. Instead of emailing new customers their documents, esure would send a link to a customer portal. Once again, fraudsters couldn’t get past IDVision and iovation at the new portal’s registration and login pages.


Each time fraudsters try a new tactic, esure responds by modifying its implementation of IDVision with iovation for real-time feedback and impact. Next, esure is planning to implement the omnichannel solution at its electronic notification of claims.

“Originally, the intention was to run a 75-day proof of concept with IDVision with iovation, but within the first fortnight we had doubled our fraud detection. Although we were in the middle of our budget cycle, I approached my executives saying ‘we can't switch this off, please can I have some additional budget?’”

– Matt Gilham, Head of Financial Crime

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