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Credit Education 

Empowering Consumers: Enabling Financial Inclusion

A deeper perspective on credit monitoring

Report cover
Report cover

Consumer credit monitoring — the practice of consumers checking their own credit reports and scores through credit reference agencies, financial services institutions, and/or other third-party providers — has expanded considerably in awareness and usage over the past decade.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of financial education and understand the role of building and maintaining a positive credit history in accessing credit — which is key to enabling greater financial inclusion. To better understand the distinct profiles, motivations and future outcomes of credit monitoring consumers, TransUnion conducted a global research study examining millions of consumers in various markets who started monitoring their credit through TransUnion for the first time as well as consumer surveys.

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Credit Education: Empowering Consumers, Enabling Financial Inclusion

Learn how credit education contributes to consumers achieving their financial goals, and understand behaviors and outcomes of credit monitoring consumers within the three credit-visible consumer segments of new-to-credit, credit underserved and credit served.

Ready to empower your customers with credit education?